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Dragons & Princesses

In this category we have tales of mythical dragons and beautiful princesses – not always together in the same story. Some of the fairy tales are soft and cozy for the little ones, while others are a bit more exciting or spooky! In this category we also have the popular series “Kingdom of Dragons”, where you are invited on an exciting journey through a fantasy landscape and can meet, among other things, Wizards, Dragons, Trolls and other Fairy tales.

Crazy & Adventures

In this category, anything can happen. The crazy tales can really be crazy. Dare to enter here if you are not afraid of farts and poo. On the adventure side we find pirates, Robin Hood and other fairy tale characters.

Animals & Nature

In this category, you can be chased by T-Rex and other creepy Dinosaurs. You also hear more cozy tales of unicorns, fairies and animals which are off on adventures. All fairy tales which are related to nature or specifically dinosaurs can be found here. 


If fairy tales are not enough, then follow us here to listen to our own bedtime stories which contain elements of harmonic singing and melodies. Never before has it been so easy to get your child to go to sleep. You can hear about the hedgehog mother who cradles her little hedgehogs to sleep, or the Kangaroo who couldn’t fall asleep. 


Here you will find the exciting and mysterious tales. It can be anything from Thief & Police to the mysteries of the Ancient Egypt. 

Ghost Stories

This category is the scary one. Ghosts! Our ghost stories are suitable for different ages and you decide if it suits your loved ones. You’ll hear everything from stories about headless skeletons, hotel ghosts, creaking stairs to the Little Ghost Of Naba who can’t walk through walls. Grab a parent by the hand and step into this spooky fairytale world. 

SuperHeroes & Space

For those of you who like superheroes, this is just the right category. Here you will hear about Thor’s adventures, Metal Man’s life and many more. It also contains exciting space stories where you get to go out into infinity with the Starship Starius and all its adventures. 


For those of you who are looking for all the classic fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White and Three Little Pigs, you will find them here. We keep filling this category in step with our other fairy tales. 

Japanese Tales

Here we have chosen to translate Japanese fairy tales into Swedish. In Japan, fairy tales are a big part of their culture in a different way. Join us in a whole new world of Japanese fairy tales with cool and fun adventures. 


Here we collect the sweet and cozy lullabies from our sleepy fairy tales. Enjoy while you fall asleep. Zzzz


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